The documentary film 'El Bosco, the garden of dreams', produced by LópezLiFilms and the Prado Museum, which this year commemorates the fifth centenary of the painter's death with a major exhibition entitled `El Bosco. La exposición del Centenario´.

Under the direction of Jose Luis Lopez Linares, the documentary film focuses on the the most important painting by El Bosco and one of the most iconic ones in the world: `The Garden of Earthly Delights'. It features artists, writers, philosophers, musicians and scientists, discussing the personal, historical and artistic significance of the picture, bringing back a conversation that was started 500 years ago in the court of the Dukes of Nassau (Brussels) when it was believed that the painting was commissioned by Bosch.

There is very little data on the identity and biography of Bosch, which helps feeding the enigma of the meaning hidden in his works. As Falkenburg, narrator of the documentary and debate moderator with all participants, says "At the end of the novel, the writer reveals the mystery. In this case, the author does not want you to solve the mystery, wants you to stay in it.".